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Montreal’s Chloe Florence has unveiled her new single, “Chaos”, which looks to knock down stereotypes.  As a staunch proponent of female empowerment, Chloe sees the song as a necessary and timely reminder of the pervasive double standards that continue unabated in today’s day and age.

Opening with a series of simple guitar notes, “Chaos” is anchored by Chloe’s smooth, distinct vocal style, incorporating elements of modern R&B and pop throughout.

At the heart of “Chaos” is a realization by the song’s protagonist that despite the stability and safe space a relationship can provide, it doesn’t stop the thrill of being attracted to someone else and fantasizing about a new and different experience with another person.

“Chaos” follows Chloe’s 2021 EP Ego Pleaser, the five songs from which have racked up more than a quarter-million streams. And while she previously explored themes of female empowerment on tracks like “Bonnie No Clyde” and “Scarlet Letter”, her confidence and resolve shine through on “Chaos”.

Listen to “Chaos” below, and find out more about Chloe via our mini-interview.

Hi Chloe! Welcome to Canadian Beats! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey! I’m Chloe Florence, a singer/songwriter from Montreal, Canada. I make empowering and sexy music that gives you the space to explore your chaotic feminine energy.

You have just released a new single called “Chaos”. What can you tell us about the track?

This is the first song I’ve released since I launched my EP Ego Pleaser in 2021. My producer and I actually started working on “Chaos” back in July of 2021, so you can safely assume we’ve put our whole hearts into this song.

It’s about the wild attraction I felt towards someone while I was supposed to be in love with my boyfriend at the time. It was written as a way to try and understand those feelings rather than acting on them or making myself feel guilty for having them. In essence, it was my way of exploring the “what if?” without actually cheating on my partner. It’s natural for your eyes to wander but often women are told that they can not be the ones with the desire to cheat/be unfaithful. I wanted to create this space for women to embrace some of those chaotic feelings. It’s the perfect track to listen to to get a boost of confidence while getting ready to go out and “stir some shit up” 😉

What are your musical goals for 2022? Are you planning on releasing more music this year?

You can definitely expect new music and wicked visuals from me this summer. “Chaos” is only the start of a string of releases I have planned. I’ve been working tirelessly since my last EP to bring you the best and most authentic music I’ve ever made.

Do you have any shows coming up?

I will be performing at the El Mocambo in Toronto on May 3rd alongside Chris Grey, Allegra Jordyn, and Ann@lise. It’s going to be a great show and I’m so excited to be on stage again!

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music. If you could put together a dream tour to be on this year, what other Canadian artists would be on the bill and why?

This is a great question, and I’d love to answer it by giving a shoutout to some amazing fellow Canadian artists (in addition to those I mentioned above): Zach Zoya, Ari Hicks, Myles Lloyd, Jay Glavany, and Anna Sofia. Their music is fantastic and they inspire me to keep going and show the world what Canada has to offer! I would definitely check them out if you haven’t already.

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