Sheenah Ko releases video for new single, “Waterfall”

Montreal-based synth-pop artist Sheenah Ko has just released her new single and music video for “Waterfall”. The new track is the second single from her forthcoming album Future Is Now, which is set for release on May 27, 2022.

Sheenah, who is also a core member of Canadian indie darlings Besnard Lakes, hit the spotlight in 2020 with the release of her debut full-length album, Nowhere in Time. The album garnered substantial press, national radio airplay on CBC Radio in Canada, and a Top 10 spot on the NCRA Canadian Campus Radio Electronic charts. The video for her single “Wrap Me Up” won a UK Music Video Award for Best Choreography (beating out Beyonce and Tove Lo, among others), and went on to receive a 2021 Juno Nomination for Best Video.

“I wrote and recorded this song right after I went for a hike along the Saguenay River and came across a hidden waterfall”, Sheenah explains.

“I was so inspired by the natural environment in this region that the song and its lyrics just flowed out of me, reflecting how I was feeling at that moment; lucky to be alive and in a beautiful environment despite how crazy and chaotic our world had suddenly become. As a result, Waterfall is about being more open to everything around you and paying more attention to the natural environment, and everything it tries to teach and give us. Whenever I’m feeling down or low on energy, I go for a long hike, run, or ski, just to get as up-close to nature as I can. It immediately wakes me up and makes me feel amazing. It gives me a boost of energy and renews my sense of being and joy. Nature has become my therapy, and it has made me the stronger, happier person I am today.”

The music video for “Waterfall” is dreamy and feminine, much like Sheenah’s music. She insisted the video be shot on the Saguenay River, which represented the song so perfectly. Despite the cold temperatures on shoot day, Sheenah says it was an amazing experience.

“I worked on the video with all local talent, who were so brave to spend the entire morning in the water with me. Our call time was 4:30 AM and it was FREEZING,” says Sheenah. “I had never met any of the dancers before and we had not planned or rehearsed any of the sequences. The improvisation from this incredible group of women was truly magical. I hope you can feel the love and good vibes that we felt shooting that day, and how important it is to rock your femininity, and get outside more to experience the beauty of our world.”

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