Allegra Jordyn releases video for new single, “Ruin My Life”

Despite the somewhat ominous song title, there is an undercurrent of optimism running throughout “Ruin My Life,” the new single and music video from Toronto-based singer-songwriter Allegra Jordyn, released today. In an uncharacteristically upbeat look at love, she ponders everything that could go right at the outset of a new relationship rather than focusing on what might go wrong.

Buoyed by an unmistakable 80’s influence, Allegra’s ethereal vocals swirl throughout the track, highlighted by a dreamy soundscape of steady drumbeats and accents of keyboard throughout.

When you willingly put yourself in a position of vulnerability, a lot of doubts can flood your thoughts, and you sometimes reason it’s not worth the risk,” she says. “I wanted to talk about my fears of commitment and heartbreak that have been prevalent in previous relationships, while also realizing there is a joy that comes from meeting someone that makes you feel they’re worth potentially setting yourself up to fall. You’re giving that person the power to potentially ruin your life, which is where the song’s title comes from.”

Acknowledging that it’s human nature to spend an inordinate amount of time focused on everything that could go wrong, choosing to ponder the other side of the coin is a deliberate, conscious choice.

I wanted the song to show that while you might not be able to avoid the heartbreak in the end, it’s fun to explore the excitement and passion that comes from starting a new relationship.”

Allegra’s musical maturity comes full circle with “Ruin My Life”, as she has refined and defined her art since the release of her debut EP Possibilities in 2018. In 2020, she connected with Canadian songwriter/producer Chris Grey and worked to develop an eclectic sonic palette to complement her powerful storytelling. Energized by this updated artistic vision, she released her sophomore EP Take It from Me, I Know in 2021.

Since that time, and in what one might call a twist of fate, Allegra and Chris have not only become a strong songwriting team but officially declared themselves a couple upon the release of Grey’s 2021 single “Seamless”, which recently hit one million streams on Spotify. Grey shares co-writing credit on “Ruin My Life” as well as appearing in and co-directing the music video for the track.

Ruin My Life” is the first single from her forthcoming third EP, which will be released later this summer. While these newest songs share a similar paradox of optimism and cynicism and light versus dark, Allegra unabashedly celebrates a phenomenal kick off to this latest evolution of her career.

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