Ken Yates releases video for new single, “Consolation Prize”

Canadian singer-songwriter Ken Yates has unveiled his second single, “Consolation Prize” from his upcoming full-length album, Cerulean. . The accompanying snow-filled video for “Consolation Prize” featuring Katie Pruitt sees Yates lose a ski race and earn a consolation prize in the playful, Wes Anderson-inspired video directed by Adam Cook. The melancholic track finds Yates back with his sweet, signature guitar strums, only this time, exploring the depths of a heartbreaking unrequited love.

Explaining the origin of the track, Yates says,

“I wrote this song as somewhat of a sequel to the song ‘Quiet Talkers’ from my last album. That song is about finding solace in the company of a complete stranger for a night. I wrote ‘Consolation Prize’ imagining how that relationship might look a few years in the future, with one of the characters falling in love, and the other person not feeling the same way. I think one of the hardest types of love is loving someone who doesn’t love you back, but still wishing the best for them.”

Diving into the thought behind the video, Yates explains,

“’Quiet Talkers’ uses footage of a retro ski ballet, so director Adam Cook and I came up with the idea of filming a retro, Wes Anderson style, cross-country ski race. We got a few friends together in minus 20 degree weather and strapped the camera operator to the back of a snowmobile to film us racing. I love trying to incorporate some of my hobbies into my music videos, and Adam and his crew were total champions for filming all day in freezing cold temperatures.”

On top of the new single, Yates will be performing four live shows across Ontario this Summer. Tickets are available here.

Watch the video below, and stay up to date with Ken via his socials.

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