Zach’s Picks of the Week – April 4, 2022 to April 9, 2022

It’s another Music Monday and it looks like you just tuned in to the best show on the internet, at least coming from me. These are going to be “Zach’s Picks Of The Week “, my list of enjoyable articles from our amazing website, Canadian Beats. These choices will be linked in this article but you are more than welcome to peruse the website for more great content. Our amazing authors are always working to post the best in Canadian music every single week for you. However, you’ll get a taste of these recommendations in this week’s episode posted below. However, I think you’re definitely going to enjoy my choices so please enjoy these amazing artists and bands right now!

5.) To start things off we’re going to talk about the concert that I attended last week. I got to attend one of the two dates for the “Trinity of Terror” tour, well the other was covered by our very own Mike Olson. He captured some incredible photos of the concert for Canadian Beats Passport, consisting of three co-headliners! American metal bands Ice Nine Kills, Motionless In White, and Black Veil Brides made a stop in Calgary and Edmonton on March 22nd and 23rd. They were joined by newly reinvented singer-songwriter Lilith Czar, delivering a face-melting show for us here in the cold north. Head over to our Facebook page and check out Mike’s full album of pictures from the show. Please be sure to check out his show review HERE.

4.) Next up, is Vancouver-based rock group Son of James. They have recently just released two brand new singles to all streaming sites called, “I Need You” & “Have You Been In Love”. Many new challenges arrive in our lives thanks to this global Pandemic, many romantic relationships have not survived, although many have thrived, these two singles explore these two sides of love from a personal perspective. Be sure to check out the article for these new singles and the videos accompanying them HERE.

3.) We had an incredibly great interview with Toronto-bred but LA-based electro-pop singer-songwriter John Conlin. He’s recently unveiled the new single “It Doesn’t Matter”, along with a music video to accompany its release online. Well, this new track showcases Conlin’s agile vocals, with some 80s sound effects and pairs it with his outlook on life and love through the rose-colored lyrics and visuals from the video. Please be sure to check out the full interview with the incredible John Conlin, while also watching the video HERE.

2.) Taking second place in my top five this week, that goes out to you West Coast-based artist Alexis Lynn. She’s has released a brand new video for her latest single “Fall Apart”, which you can find on all streaming sites now. She is completely unafraid to be vulnerable, raw, or emotive in this up-tempo dance floor bop. This is just the latest in a string of new songs released online like “Ghosts”, “Bubble” and “I Can’t Relate”. Be sure to head over to the article to learn more about the incredible Alexis Lynn, and you can also find the video for the latest single “Fall Apart” HERE.

1.) This will be my final choice of the week and it goes out to Toronto-based rising artist, AJA (Aja Neinstein). She released her latest single, “Love At First Song” to all streaming platforms. This new single comes as an intoxicating slice of passionate pop that really packs a punch. It was written as a testament to her love of music, her songwriting touches on how the music plays in her everyday life. Be sure to check out the scoop in the article or the release of “Love at First Song” HERE.

Those are going to be my recommendation, so I hope you found one that you enjoyed or maybe even a few. Please be sure to visit Canadian Beats to find lots of great choices. Our authors are always here to promote the newest music and the best from Canada. I hope to see you all back here once again next Music Monday, for a whole new list of recommended articles. I greatly appreciate it and I wish you nothing but the best in your week. PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!!

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