Interview – Sara-Danielle

Montreal, QC-based singer-songwriter Sara-Danielle has released her EP, Another Self via Simone Records.

Sara-Danielle describes her music as “ginger soul” – a happy marriage between synth-pop, soul, and R&B.

Speaking on the EP Sara-Danielle says,

“At first, I didn’t see anything connecting the songs together. Each was a portrait of my states of mind at the time, a collection of thoughts I gathered here and there. But looking back, I saw a common thread: I was talking about identity from different perspectives. Either emancipating myself from people’s opinions and finding my way (Blind Eyes), questioning my relationships (Away from You), or escaping from my own self through the eyes of someone else and seeking refuge in them (Draw Me), I’ve been able to explore who I am as a woman and as an artist.”

On top of the EP release, Sara-Danielle has also unveiled her new single, “Blind Eyes“.

Listen to Another Self below.


First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi 🙂 I’m Sara-Danielle, a singer-songwriter from Montreal (I really was born in Ottawa and grew up in Gatineau, Qc, but I call Montreal home now so I say I’m from there hehe).

I learned to play the violin when I was 7, and I also loved to sing as a child and teenager, songs on the radio or from my favourite bands. When I started studying music in Cegep (early college in Quebec), that’s when I knew I wanted to write my own songs and make it a career. So here I am now, singing about the hardships of life, trying to smooth them out with some soft and groovy music. I love to use my voice to create, play with textures and different tones to tell my stories, and share emotions with people.

You have unveiled your sophomore EP, Another Self, what was the writing process like for this release?

I had written some songs over the past year, trying to capture a moment, an emotion in my life, some things I was going through. And I wanted to explore in the studio, try new things, work more in collaboration with my producer than just by myself at home. So I brought my songs to my producer, Jesse and my drummer Louis, and we jammed them together. The process was very natural and intuitive. We just followed our ideas where it led us, and it allowed me to be authentic, true to myself. I was very comfortable, so I was able to pour my heart into each song. I think it makes the record very personal. The mindset in general was: I have some songs, let’s play with them and see what happens, what story they have to tell us. And I’m very happy with the results!

You previously released your single, “Away From You”, a song about broken relationships and how to redeem – if possible. What made you choose this track as a single?

I think it’s the most catchy one off my record, and very relatable too. I find it can speak to many people because we all have some relationships in our lives where we find ourselves messing things up and trying to repair them – whether it’s with our families, friends, or romantic partners. I try to bring some hope, some light into it.

You worked with Jesse Mac Cormack on a previous release, “Scared”, which ended up on Season 2 of Emily In Paris. How did it feel to find out your music would be a Netflix show?

That was crazy!!! I was so excited, it meant a big milestone for me. I couldn’t believe I could hear my song in the background of a scene with such famous actors! I’m very honoured that my song would be featured in a Netflix series, making it accessible and relatable to so many people.

What’s next for you in 2022?

A full-length album!! I’m so looking forward to getting back to writing and into the studio. Also, I’ll be performing a few shows with my band, so my EP can live on stage too. I look forward to meeting with people in real life, playing my music for them, and sharing this experience live, not just online.

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