Alexis Lynn releases video for new single, “Fall Apart”

West Coast-based artist, Alexis Lynn has unveiled a video for her latest single, “Fall Apart”.

Unafraid to be vulnerable, raw, or emotive on the latest release, the honeyed pop diva with a story to tell is back with a dreamy, up-tempo dance-floor bop that moves listeners in her catchy hooks, ear-worm melodies, and a message that resonates with us all.

“It’s about being everybody else’s rock, and putting their needs before your own,” Alexis explains. “I wrote it at a point in my life where I felt like I was constantly balancing everyone else’s needs, and making sure everyone else was good — disregarding whether or not I was good.

“I was so burnt out and mentally/emotionally exhausted,” she continues. “I kept thinking, ‘when’s it my turn? To just completely crash and burn and have someone else worry about me instead of worrying about anybody else?’

“And I don’t know if that’s selfish, but I was just so tired of holding it all together.”

Alexis shares on the video,

“I wanted the video to really showcase the chaos of feeling like you have a million different emotions and things going on and giving your energy to so many different people,” she explains. “I wanted it to showcase the feeling of losing your cool — and had a bunch of amazing cast come in for the party scene, and also to play some different emotions like anger, sadness, and euphoria.

“For the anger scene, the plan was to smash the TV with a baseball bat, but it literally bent the bat instead because the TV was so solid!”

“Fall Apart” follows previous singles, “Ghosts”, “Bubble”, “I Can’t Relate”, and more!

Watch the video for “Fall Apart” below, and stay connected with Alexis via her socials.

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