Zach’s Picks of the Week – March 28, 2022 to April 2, 2022

How do you do music fans? I’m back once again with your dose of new music on Mondays. These are going to be “Zach’s Picks of the Week” from our website Canadian Beats. As always, I have chosen five articles that I personally think you will enjoy this week. These were posted by our incredible authors and they are always promoting the best Canadian music on our site. So if none of these interest you, then I’m sure there’s still something for you on our page. However, I’m going to kick things off with my choices that are here this week to soak into your ears. There will be a clip from each of my recommendations posted in this week’s video, which you can check out below. So enjoy this week’s shenanigans here on Zach’s  Picks Of The Week.

5.) Starting things off will be Hamilton, ON-based indie duo Burn The Louvre. They have unveiled their second single coming off their debut LP, Silhouettes. The new track, “Nice Guy” is a pop/punk meets folk punk rock n’ roll hybrid. Vocalist Jordan Speare wrote the track after a really bad first date that got progressively worse as the night went on. The result was this fun, upbeat, tongue-in-cheek anthem for nice guys everywhere. Please be sure to go learn more about this incredible duo HERE.

4.) Well, the next one is going to be a musician from all the way in Montreal, QC. Nora Kelly is one of the members of grungy-rock trio DISHPIT, who’s released their self-titled album in March of last year. That album was produced by Steve Albini, which is available on all streaming sites. However, Nora has returned with a new single under the name, “Nora Kelly Band”. Their first single is titled, “Hymn For Agnostics” and is accompanied by a video with the release. Check out the article and find out why Nora went from the aggressive rowdy and fun DISHPIT music to this new sound. Find out HERE.

3.) The next article I want you to go check out for Toronto, ON-based band PUP. They have unveiled their new single “Totally Fine” off their aptly titled upcoming fourth album, The Unraveling Of Puptheband. You can expect that to be released online and everywhere on April 1st, 2022, and no that’s not a joke. It will feature all of the previously released singles, “Waiting”, “Robot Writes A Love Song” and “Matilda”. You can watch PUPTHEBAND Inc. get away with their criminal business dealings in the Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux directed video HERE.

2.) Taking second place this week is going to be the Canadian supergroup, Anyway Gang. They have returned with the video for their newest single, “Out Of Nowhere”, which follows their previous release, “Alternate View“. Both of which you can stream now on all of your favourite streaming platforms for music. The new single sees Sam Roberts leading front and center. As opposed to in the previous single “Alternate View” when Hollerado’s Menno Versteeg led the charge. You can find the brand new music video and a list of their upcoming tour dates HERE.

1.) This is going to be my final recommendation, it’s going out to the very talented Vancouver, BC-based country/pop singer Justin Mattock.
He has recently unveiled his latest single “First Time” to all streaming platforms along with an interview on our website. This new single was produced by the very talented Vancouver duo, Dan Botch and Garrett Ward of The Renaissance. “First Time” is a blend of pop, country, and alternative that is reminiscent of the good times in a relationship and dwelling on the loss. Please be sure to check out the Five Questions With segment with Justin, HERE.

That’s going to be all I’ve got for you this round of Zach’s Picks of the Week, but please be sure to visit our website for more. I’m always here, almost every Monday with brand new recommendations from this growing website of ours, Canadian Beats. I hope you all enjoyed it and found something you might like. As always I hope you all have yourself an amazing week out there, listening to music and doing whatever your heart pleases. I shall see you all back here for another list of recommendations next Music Monday, so PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!

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