PREMIERE – Ezra Brooks releases new single, “Cherry Shirt”

Canadian singer-songwriter, Étienne Bélanger, who goes by Ezra Brooks, has unveiled his new single, “Cherry Shirt”.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Ezra’s sound. “Cherry Shirt” begins as more of a folk-pop number and then slowly morphs into an indie pop/rock anthem about the mixed and confusing emotions felt while falling in love.

 “Now, I could have written a soft sad love song that emits the same meaning, but my goal was to make a song you could scream in your car and let go of all your frustration,” Ezra says.

Ezra is still an artist exploring his own sonic vision, drawing inspiration from the classic rock of bands like Queen and Fleetwood Mac or the more contemporary pop of Harry Styles. Either way, Ezra Brooks sound feels completely authentic and he knows how to hook you in. Just try to get the vocal melody of “Cherry Shirt” out of your head hours after listening to it. It’s an earworm.

Ezra is always working on a project, whether it’s his music or a previously released short doc about his path as an artist called This. Is. My. Art. available on Youtube.

You can expect much more to come from Ezra in the future, including more singles and a full-length 13-track album.

“This upcoming 13-track album will be the proudest thing I have yet to release. As for the music, I never stop writing and creating,” Ezra says. “Once this album is done, we move on to the next one. We keep exploring our sound and bring something completely different to the table.”

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