Gold Tongue releases new single, “Who Do You Think You Are”

London, ON’s Gold Tongue has unveiled their debut single, “Who Do You Think You Are”, a song inspired by this era of misinformation, mistrust, and just general bullshit percolating in the air—during one of the most difficult times in human history.

“Our collective psyches have been beaten to a pulp, our emotions strapped to a rocket ship flown by billionaires into space at a million miles an hour,” says Gold Tongue.

Beginning with a steady warpath drumbeat, lumbering bass line, and chugging, distorted guitar, “Who Do You Think You Are” puts you in a sun-drenched haze and snaps you out of it during the ear-grabbing chorus. And you can’t ignore that little repeating keyboard playing off of the lead guitar bend.

The video for “Who Do You Think You Are” could almost be called a DIY experimental film, featuring full-face masked figures with images of video of the band members superimposed on them in black and white. The faces continue to morph throughout the video, giving it a nightmarish, uncanny valley kind of a vibe.

Watch the video below, and stay up to date with Gold Tongue via their socials.

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