Nora Kelly Band releases video for “Hymn for Agnostics”

Montreal, QC-based musician, Nora Kelly, whose grungy-rock trio DISHPIT released their Steve Albini-produced album, DIPSHIT, in March of last year, returns with a new project, the Nora Kelly Band. They have just unveiled their new single, “Hymn For Agnostics”, along with a video to accompany the release.

During our collective lockdown, Nora took a turn from the angry, rowdy, and fun DISHPIT music to rock and country roots, asking hard questions about her relationships, and out poured tunes about love, independence, and checking into the Purgatory Motel.

Joined by DISHPIT/Fleece drummer Ethan Soil, Bell Orchestre’s Michael Feurstack on pedal steel, Treasure Eyes’ Vader Ryderwood on bass, and Rachel Silverstein on keys.

Discussing “Hymn for Agnostics”, Kelly offered,

“When I was 11, I had my first panic attack about my impending mortality. To calm myself I began praying to God every night, although who’s God, I couldn’t have told you. I wasn’t raised religious. In my adulthood the panic attacks have become less frequent, but my need for spiritual understanding has remained. ‘Hymn for Agnostics’ is for those of us who have no religion to lean on but who’s faith in the spiritual is supported in our connections with each other, the planet and ourselves. I have experienced many moments that led me to feel there is some kind of design. Ghost sightings, the psychic connections between a parent and child or two best friends, DMT and the power to keep fighting when it’s easier to give up have all played a part in my spirituality. Hopefully this song will play a part in yours.”

Check out the video for “Hymn for Agnostics” below, and stay up to date with the band via their Instagram.

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