Wendy Irvine releases new single, “Make Time”

Canadian singer/songwriter and composer Wendy Irvine has released her new single, “Make Time”.

The first to land from the song’s namesake album, Make Time, set for release this Spring 2022, the title reflects two words that hold deeply personal and perspective-shifting meaning in the Toronto-based artist’s day-to-day outlook.

“‘Make Time’ has become a mantra in my life,” the Toronto-based artist reveals. “I cannot control other people and their actions but, in order to make a difference in the world, I believe it starts with me.

“I need to put forth more light,” she continues. “I need to reach out and show love to other people, and I need to plant the seeds of acceptance, balance, love, and communication each and every day.”

The passion woven within the song’s message reflects the passion Wendy holds for music overall.
The forthcoming Make Time marks Irvine’s newest full-length release — and one she describes as a true labour of love.

“It has been a beautiful, and yet sometimes very difficult journey for my soul,” she shares. “I see it now as a reflection on how I see life’s wild adventure.”

Check out “Make Time” below, and stay up to date with Wendy via her Instagram.

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