PUP releases new single, “Totally Fine”

Toronto, ON-based band, PUP – comprised of Stefan Babcock, Nestor Chumak, Zack Mykula, and Steve Sladkowski – have unveiled their new single, “Totally Fine” from their aptly titled upcoming fourth album, The Unraveling Of Puptheband, which is set for release on April 1, 2022. The single follows previous releases, “Waiting”, “Robot Writes A Love Song”, and “Matilda”.

“Totally Fine” is a hilariously self-lacerating track with an undeniable chorus that offers plenty of opportunities to open up the pit. The track features Mel from Casper Skulls on vocals, with Sarah from Illuminati Hotties, Kathryn from NOBRO, and Erik from Remo Drive on the gang vocals. Watch PUPTHEBAND Inc. get away with their criminal business dealings in the Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux directed video for “Totally Fine”.

“We wrote ‘Totally Fine’ after a long creative drought,” the band says. “We all agreed to take a break from PUP during lockdown, to take some time to deal with our mental health and get some space from each other. After 3 months of not writing any songs, ‘Totally Fine’ was the first thing to pop out. It broke this creative dam wide open, just months worth of pent up frustration all smashed into this one song. After that, we ended up going on a bit of a tear and wrote the rest of the record really quickly. The drumming on this song still blows our minds. It’s so manic and wild and makes the song feel like it’s about to fall apart at any moment, which is kinda like how it feels to be in PUP.”

Watch the video for “Totally Fine” below, and stay up to date with PUP via their socials.

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