Interview – Jackie K

Canadian alt-folk songstress Jackie K has unveiled her new single, “Dandelions Everywhere”.

Fresh from her recently released EP, Look for the Little Things, the song arrives as simultaneously hopeful, wistful, and full of melancholy cheer as Jackie K sings about nostalgia for something she doesn’t yet have.

Backed by a full band — piano, ukulele, strings, guitar, and sax — “Dandelions Everywhere” has the glorious, innocent ’70s feel of the Carpenters or the 5th Dimension (think “Wedding Bell Blues”). The song breaks into a chorus of ‘Dandelions everywhere/Now the snow has gone’ and we’re right there with Jackie in those early, sunny, anticipatory days of Spring that make life worth living.

Dandelions, of course, aren’t the most beautiful or glamorous flower; in fact, they’re technically a weed — but that’s the point, the North Battleford, SK artist muses.

“This song was written during a Songstudio workshop in February of 2021, sitting in my basement on an online meeting app,” Jackie recalls. “Being ‘sick of winter,’ ‘sick of Covid,’ and ‘waiting for Spring’ was the general feeling. My co-writer Evelyn Saungikar and I knew the season was coming — sooner for her in Toronto, than me in Sask, and that we would even be excited about dandelions!”

Check out “Dandelions Everywhere” below, and find out more about Jackie K via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Helloooo! I’m Jackie K! I’m an Alt-Folk songwriter and musician from North Battleford, Saskatchewan.I have played music my entire life, starting with piano, then trumpet and guitar. I have completed degrees in Music Education and Visual Art and I teach band and music to high school students. I am super excited to be finally writing and releasing lots of my own music. I released my first EP Look for the Little ThIngs in Nov of 2021, as well as two singles last year. When I’m not writing, playing, or teaching music, I like hanging out outside and playing in the dirt. Sometimes I play in the dirt inside too. Plants are awesome!

What kickstarted the idea to write “Dandelions Everywhere”?

“Dandelions” came from a desperate want for Spring. Winter is long in Saskatchewan. It is cold and dark. I wrote it with my friend Evelyn Saungikar over Zoom. Evelyn lives in Toronto, it’s not quite as dark and cold there!,even in February of 2021! We were all pretty isolated, and we just wanted Spring. Even the dandelions. They’re a sign of new life, they’re a beautiful bright yellow, and yes, in my yard, sometimes there are too many of them. But that sure seemed preferable to four feet of snow!

What do you love about being in North Battleford?

There are lots of great people in NB or Northtown as some people call it!. Since I moved here twenty years ago, the city has changed. It has become more diverse, welcoming people from all over. I love to learn about why people move here.

North Battleford is a city that has always had a history of music. We have some great musicians in and around town. It is close to many lakes, and I’m very close to the edge of the city where I can look out onto the prairies and the big blue sky! I never feel closed in like I do when I’ve been in the mountains for too long.

What’s the deal with people hating on Dandelions? They’re not a weed, I kinda like them

I have no clue. I see dandelions as a sign of rebirth. They sneak up suddenly, and pop their bright yellow heads up “hello, I’m here” and then gradually shapeshift into fluffy white clouds. Their seeds wind, turn, and spread everywhere and the cycle continues. I guess they are just like people.

You get to see one Canadian artist, anytime, any place, in concert, – who would it be and why?

Canada has soooo much talent and it really feels kind of unfair to make me pick just one. I think I would have to say Buffy Sainte Marie. Buffy is the best. She is such an inspiration; her songwriting, her desire to speak the truth, her Saskatchewan roots, and her leadership as a humanitarian. I’d be thrilled to watch her in concert or talk to her for 2 minutes. She’s an amazing, multi award wining musician and a musician Canadians can be proud of.

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