Zach’s Picks of the Week – March 14, 2022 to March 19, 2022

Welcome back for another list of brand new articles recommended by me! It’s another Music Monday and these are “Zach’s Picks Of The Week” after all, so you know I’ve always chosen the best. But there are always plenty more articles being shared on our website, so always be checking our homepage. These will be my top five of the week that I know you will be adding to your listening schedule now. It would mean the world to me if you would take the time to check out each of these songs and the respected artist. You will get to enjoy it clip featured in this video below for each pick of the week. Please visit the full article to learn the most about these incredibly talented people, links are below. However, these are going to be my recommendations called “Zach’s Picks Of The Week” starting with, number five.

5) To start things off we have the incredible Ottawa-based singer-songwriter, performing artist, recording artist, independent music producer, vocal coach, and accredited life coach Roxanne. Well, she’s accomplished quite a bit in her music career, fronting multiple projects. She’s currently writing recording and producing her first solo album entitled Love Rebel, but she has the brand new single out now called “Don’t Break My Heart”. Go and find it now and all your favourite streaming platforms, but also take a look at the new interview we conducted with her. That can be found in the article HERE.

4) Coming up next it’s award-winning singer-songwriter, Jadea Kelly. She’s celebrating her long-awaited fourth studio album titled Roses. You can find it now on any of your favourite places to listen to music or stream these days. To mark the release of the new album, Jadea also shares a beautiful new music video for the title track. This new video was shot primarily on Jadea’s parent’s property in Ontario. It was incredibly filmed by francophone videographer, Gaelle Legrand. If you would like to learn more, check out the promo we did for the album Roses HERE

3) Taking my third place on this week’s picks, Toronto’s own Deanna Petcoff. She has announced just recently the upcoming release of her confessional debut album, To Hell With You, I Love You. You can expect to see that album coming out on April 8th via Royal Mountain Records, I’m definitely looking forward to that, but she is gifted her audience a little taste of what’s to come with the lead single off of the album, “Devastatingly Mediocre” back in February. Check it out now on all your favourite streaming platforms and don’t forget to visit the article on our website HERE.

2) Our runner-up this week is going to be the Canadian Americana and soul-rock crooner Peter Serrado. He recently unveiled his new single, “If It All Came Down To This” which can be found on all streaming sites. With Serrado’s understated guitar and with easygoing beats, he sings in his signature sweet raspy tone about a lost love that he hopes will be found again. He closes his eyes and sees the person, and the trajectory of the relationship, across the landscape of his mind. Check out this amazing song now online and also visit the article HERE to learn more about Peter Serrado’s music.

1) This week’s final choice goes out to Vancouver’s pop artist Serena Sun. She just unveiled her new single, “Body”. This will be following her previous single, “For The Hell Of It” and will be the first singles off of her upcoming debut album. However, this latest single has a very strong influence behind the words, especially for Serena. Find out what I’m talking about in the Five Question Interview we had with Serena Sun HERE.

Thank you so much for going through my recommendations this week. You can find them all and many more on our website Canadian Beats, so just click on the home page. There will always be new recommendations coming every Monday around here, so be sure to tune in next time. There’s plenty more on our website, so don’t be shy. As always everybody I hope you have yourself an amazing week out there. Remember to spread some love and PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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