Review – Katie Tupper

EP: Towards The End
Release Date: February 18, 2022
Genre: Soul/ R&B

Towards The End is the debut EP of Saskatoon-based songstress Katie Tupper.

As a debut, it delves into the psyche of identity, finding out who we are as a person, who we were, and who we want to become through trial and error. It is the trials and tribulations of a relationship within yourself, as well as the people we have come across in our life.

Stand-out tracks include “Cost Of Loving You” and “How Can I Get Your Love?”.

“How Can I Get your Love?” features some silky smooth vocals with acoustic guitars juxtaposed with strings and a relaxed drumbeat. The track describes a failed relationship and wanting to get back with their lover. Only after realizing the fact that they were meant to be with that person while they are with another and have been with multiple people.

“Cost Of Loving You” is a chill head-bopping track that asks questions such as “is it worth it to be with you?”, “will you put in the effort to make it work in the relationship?”. Musically, the intro sounds like the start of a James Bond movie opening. After the intro scene has ended, it then marches right into a bright sound that gives hope that the relationship will continue.

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