Peter Serrado releases new single, “If It All Came Down To This”

Canadian Americana and soul-rock crooner Peter Serrado has unveiled his new single, “If It All Came Down To This”.

With understated guitar and piano punctuated with easygoing beats, the Etobicoke-based artist sings in his signature sweet raspy tone about a lost love that he hopes will be found again. He closes his eyes and sees the person, and the trajectory of the relationship, across the landscape of his mind:

I see fields, I see skies
Oh there’s a truth in your eyes
I remember those nights
With you, with you, I see fields, I see skies

As he explores his feelings, he becomes resolute in his willingness to show up and do the hard work necessary. There’s the sense that he wouldn’t necessarily have done this before, but now with age and maturity he’s come into a new, more humbled perspective.

“’If It All Came Down To This’ was written during a moment and time where I was consumed by the realities and hardships of life,” Serrado shares. “No limits, no structure, the band came in and we played exactly what we were destined to play. It made sense.”

The song is from Serrado’s album of the same title, seat for release this summer.

“The album is one big story, and simply talks about life, and its complexities, the hardships, the beauty of being a human being in such a crazy world,” Serrado reveals. “From friendship, love, heartbreak, loss, injustice, and hope, this album has a story that everyone can relate to.”

Check out “If It All Came Down To This” below, and stay up to date with Peter via his socials.

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