Ann@lise releases video for new single, “Soubois”

Montreal-based Canadian pop songstress, Ann@lise, pushes the envelope once again with the release of “Soubois,” the third single from her forthcoming EP Welcome To The Sh!t Show, which is set for release on April 1, 2022.

Known for writing songs that are both sophisticated and often lyrically witty, Ann@lise is not afraid to tackle subjects that might cause some to reflect upon potentially uncomfortable truths about themselves, and “Soubois” is a perfect example of that.

“Soubois” offers an unfiltered look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of a night out on the town. The frenetic energy dominating the track is highlighted by Ann@lise’s rapid-fire verses and underscored by a relentless beat and buzzing bassline as she chronicles an even filled with chaotic excitement and twinges of regret.

“The song draws from a personal experience of what turned out to be a chaotic evening with friends,” Ann@lise says. “I saw an ex-boyfriend making out with another girl and things just went downhill from there. By the end of what ended up being a very blurry night. I lost my credit card and I lost my shoes.”

The track’s title comes from Cabaret Soubois, a popular hotspot that Ann@lise and her friends frequent in her hometown. The hyperactive, light-hearted video for the track sees the singer playing four primary characters, each of whom she feels typifies a normal nightclub experience.

“The music video for Soubois highlights the typical cast of characters you’re bound to encounter at a nightclub on almost any given night. You have the girl that’s making out with everyone she sees; the one that’s running away from her friends; the crier; and the girl that’s just out having a great time with her friends.”

Though she coyly admits to playing each of the roles in the video at different times throughout her adult life, she says the video is supposed to be a fun, true-to-life look at the craziness that can happen during an evening out on the town.

Check out the video for “Soubois” below, and stay up to date with Ann@lise via her socials.

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