Sunny Dee & The Flower Pedals release new single, “Killjoy”

Toronto, ON-based indie-rock garage-pop band, Sunny Dee & The Flower Pedals originally formed in 2019 with songwriter/guitarist/vocalist, Diana Lyn Ruffolo, who initially teamed up with drummer, Aaron Keogh. The two added bassist, Dani Zimmer to create the trio they now are.

They have released their second single, “Killjoy” from their upcoming EP, Flirts With Disaster, which was recorded at Candle Recording with sound engineer Meagan Aversa.

Although “Killjoy” radiates an agreeable pop sound at first, the musicianship is clearly showcased here with a drastic change up in genre midway through the song. The hook is infectiously catchy, yet the composition of the song is still objectively fresh and energetic in it’s fast paced movement through its defined sections.

The forthcoming EP tackles themes of isolation, addiction, depression, and eco-anxiety through Diana Lyn Ruffolo’s POV. They strive to bring awareness to the importance of destigmatizing mental health & to advocate for all women in the arts.

Check out “Killjoy” below, and stay up to date with Sunny Dee & The Flower Pedals via their socials.

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