Zach’s Picks of the Week – March 7, 2022 to March 12, 2022

Holy new music alert Batman! Well, it looks like we’re back with a whole new list of articles to check out from our website, Canadian Beats. This is going to be your Music Mondays with some fresh new music here on Zach’s Picks of the Week! I have gone through our new articles from the website, so you don’t have to do it this week. However, you’re more than welcome to, because there’s lots more on the main page. I have five choices that I think you are going to enjoy, because I have been enjoying them this last week. So that’s why you’re checking out Zach’s Picks of the Week, otherwise they’d be (Your Name) picks of the week. Thank you so much for it’s coming back for some new tunes and let’s jump right into them, because they’re right here.

5.) We’re starting things off with the Toronto-based band The High Loves, who are back again and have a new summery single “Sure Of It”. You can now stream that on all your favourite platforms and enjoy the new video, which is sure to get rid of your winter blues. It was shot with a slightly grainy 70’s film style of the band playing their instruments on the beach. You can enjoy the video which is linked in the article HERE, but please also check out The High Loves brand new single on all your favourite music sites.

4.) Up next we have Toronto punk & hardcore legends Silverstein, who has unveiled their latest single “Ultraviolet”. This new single will be coming off of their forthcoming 10th studio album, Misery Made Me, which is already bringing some excitement behind it after the band is still soaring high off the release of their last album. (2020’s A Good Place To Drown) saw Silverstein rack up 80 million streams on the album, adding to their insane 500 million streams total for all of their music. Be sure to go check out the brand new music video “Ultraviolet”, which can be found HERE.

3.) Taking third place in my choices this week, we have our youngest recommended artists for you to check out. All the way in Kelowna, BC Scotty Berg is a 14-year-old rising pop artist, he just recently unveiled the video for his latest single “You Don’t Have To Be Alone”. We had an interview with Scotty right here on the website if you would like to check that out and learn more about this incredibly talented new artist. This new song is inspired by the anti-bullying and suicide prevention movements in junior high and high school. You can find out more about that HERE.

2.) Now these recommendations take us to Simcoe County, where we’re going to find the Ontario-based band, Tiny Strings. This incredible trio has unveiled their new EP, Neighbors which features six incredible new tracks. Be sure to find it now and all your favourite streaming platforms to go ahead and add to your playlist today. The album contains darker themes of isolation, anxiety, and doubt, while also finishing with a sense of warmth and reflection. Please go check out the full article HERE.

1.) Well this final pick of the week goes out to the amazing Canadian R&B artist known as Truly K. She has just released her latest single “My Truth” on all streaming platforms. This new track has shaken listeners to their core with its driving melody and haunting lyrics. Please be sure to find it now on all your favourite places to stream music these days. Please also check out the article that we had with Truly K HERE.

Thank you so much for going through my recommendations this week. You can find them all and many more on our website Canadian Beats, so just click on the homepage. Hopefully you already know, I’ll be back next Music Monday, with a whole new list of recommended articles from this amazing website of ours. So please try and how yourself the best week possible, because I am hoping it for you. But as always everybody, PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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