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Kelowna, BC-based 14-year-old rising pop artist, Scotty Berg has unveiled his single, “You Don’t Have To Be Alone”, along with a video to accompany the release. The song is inspired by the anti-bullying and suicide prevention movements in junior high and high school, this emphatic pop banger begins with a soft guitar line and Scotty’s powerful voice. It’s a wise and hopeful song meant to uplift.

Scotty’s song is here to show his listeners that their struggles don’t have to be an individual burden, but they will always have someone to lean on and be there if they fall.

“If you’re hurting, feeling sad, or even have suicidal thoughts, just know someone has your back. You are not alone,” Scotty says. “There are 7 billion people on Earth but only one you … so be kind and remember, If you turn the other way, you are part of the problem. Don’t be a bystander.”

Check out the video for “You Don’t Have to Be Alone” below, and find out more about Scotty and his single via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure and thanks for having me! I am 14 years old and live in Kelowna, British Columbia. Growing up, I played lots of different sports (still do) like ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, and track. In the winters my family skis and summers we hang out on our boat. It’s pretty great. For music, I basically started singing at two years old, then took lessons at 9 and am still in them. I also take piano and guitar lessons and have already performed at festivals, restaurants, and other events in front of thousands of people.

You have recently released your single, “You Don’t Have To Be Alone”, an anti-bullying/ mental health anthem, care to tell us a bit more about the inspiration for the track?

First of all, I love this song and its meaning. The song was inspired by the anti-bullying and suicide prevention movements in junior high and high school. It may not seem like it from other points of view, but a lot of bullying/teasing, etc. happens around my age and it can really hurt someone. The co-writers and I wanted to create something that would inspire my generation to let them know there is always someone there to help out.

If you could add one more message to someone who is dealing with bullying at this time, what would it be?

Do not give up hope and know there are people that are always there to lend a hand and depend on during the tough times. Reach out to someone…a friend, family member, coach, teacher or someone in the community. There is always someone that will listen!

You’re very active on TikTok connecting with your fans and followers, what are your feelings on how important social media has become through the pandemic? Do you find it a useful tool in your music career?

Social media can be really, really powerful and positive. Or, it can be really harming. For musicians these days, social media is something you just have to do to get your songs heard and to connect with people. Personally, it has been very positive. I am able to connect with people from around the world to share my songs and also to hear new music being released. Sometimes it can be a bit much where you are having to post videos and stuff, but overall it has been really good for me.

What’s next for you in 2022?

I am performing at an event during South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas mid-March so that is amazing and super excited and grateful to have that opportunity! I already have some gigs booked for the spring and summer months but am always looking for more as I LOVE performing. I am also working on new music so there will be some new stuff coming out this year for sure.

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