Interview – Aieysha Haws

Toronto, ON-based RNB/fusion singer-songwriter, Aieysha Haws unveiled her newest single, “Turmoil”. The track is the catalyst song
striking a chord, especially, when it comes to the absence of love – taking us into a self-reflective conversation, it’s a heavy one, even haunting.

Haws paints a very vivid picture of the chasm of frustration between a heavy heart and mind, a dysfunctional relationship, where you’re longing for love and love is lack-luster (or entirely absent). She is leading a cautious tale where her persona suffered the consequences, once failing to underscore self-love, self-worth, and other self-values.

Listen to “Turmoil” below, and find out more about Aieysha via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

“Life’s ever-changing lines and colo(u)rs add character of pure admiration.” — Aieysha Haws: “Songstress And Autho(u)r of Life’s Surprises!” — I’m an effervescent RNB/fusion singer-songwriter/rapper raised in Toronto, Canada, originally from the U.S. I am unpredictable.

You have recently released your single, “Turmoil”, what can you tell us about the track?

Lessons from an inconsolable heart and inseparable mind, the song examines their relationship and provides healing. I struggled to understood that emotions do not oppose rational thoughts, because dysfunctional relationships bring dissatisfaction, which led to ‘Turmoil’ and my Queen of Hearts theme — Loving ourselves, valuing ourselves, and living by our values are essential to honour ourselves.

As I wrote ‘Turmoil’, my initial thought was, “Off with your head!”. That is what I intended to do and I sung with strong conviction. Support for this track has been incredibly encouraging, since its release, and with 22K+ streams, my (#WiseEyes) fanbase continues to flourish.

This year, ‘Turmoil’ debuted on CHR and it’s bound to be my signature track, so call, request it, then you’ll hear me on radio!

“Turmoil” follows your previous successful singles, “Butterflies” and “Zodiac Signs”, how do you choose which tracks will become singles?

I am lively and unpredictable. My messages are from the heart, unique, and powerful. There isn’t a secret formula to my decision-making, it’s not about building my catalogue either. I write and express lessons in song from introspection to inspire growth.

Where would you say you tend to pull influences from when writing?

“Speaking to the dead, I’m like Lewis Carroll, medium with the pen, &…” just kidding! (Lol!)

I’m mostly influenced by what I see, hear, feel and learn from my experiences. I make curious observations, have fascinating conversations, and enjoy analyzing people. By letting my imagination run wild and the words flow, I’ve created great stories.

What’s next for you in 2022?

I anticipate opportunities, success, and the goals I already have in mind. I introduce myself aesthetically with the lyrics of all my songs; my words paint pictures, and well-recorded visuals will definitely enhance their impact. I’m blessed with gifts that are meaningful to me, to others, towards a better world and healing.

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