Sophie Powers releases new single “U Love It” ft. $atori Zoom

Last week, rising star Sophie Powers shares her newest single “U Love It” featuring rapper $atori Zoom. The track is brimming with the spellbinding energy of Powers’ unique hyper pop-punk hybrid and is paired with a powerful music video, in which she continues to control her artistic vision by directing the shoot and designing her wardrobe. Alongside the single release, Sophie has announced her debut EP, Red In Revenge, out April 22, 2022, via Set Records. The EP comes less than a year after Sophie’s debut single and will feature seven tracks.

On the new track, Sophie says:

The song title ‘U Love It’ alludes to the feminine power that the song itself carries. My intentions while writing this song were to prove that you can feel pretty and desirable while feeling dominant and powerful. Even with all of the amazing change happening right now, it still feels like there’s a lot of stigma surrounding the idea that to feel ‘feminine’ you cannot be strong and independent-minded. In the song, both lyrically and performance-wise, I try to embody Megan Fox’s character and persona in ‘Jennifer’s Body’, a girl-eater who is confident and beautiful. Not saying I’m confident 24/7, but when I do feel good or want to feel better about myself, this song would be the first one I would play. It’s for the girls, gays, non-binary folk, and anyone and everyone in between who needs to be reminded of their power, and who they are!”

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