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Ottawa, ON-based rapper Pyano || (Eleven) has unveiled the new single, “Way I See It”.

“Way I See It” is the latest single from Pyano’s debut EP set for release later this year. Driven by a vibrant and energetic groove, “Way I See It” is all about Pyano’s journey of finding his sound as an artist.

“I’m always somewhere between the motivational, hardcore rap that I grew up on versus the more melodic stuff that I listen to today,” says Pyano. “On this track, specifically, I find a good balance between the two which as a result enables me to celebrate the milestones of success in my life in spite of this whole pandemic thing. Despite the challenges and obstacles over the last couple years, I’m exactly where I planned to be, and further, which is why this track is a good representation of all the lessons I learned through all that.”

Watch the video for “Way I See It” below, and find out more about Pyano || via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Pyano Eleven but you can call me Pyano. I’m a young Canadian entrepreneur and rapper.

You have recently released your single, “Way I See It”, what can you tell us about the track?

‘Way I See It’ is a testimony to my fans that the vision is clear and that the gap between where I am and where I need to be is slowly shrinking. “Living through these lenses everything is what it’s supposed to be” is the opening line, same way this track opened up the year: shades on so the vision protected.

You are set to unveil your debut EP later this year, can you give us any insight on what to expect from the release?

Handpicked, carefully selected, expertly curated tracks that will put where I’m from on the map. The EP will be a statement piece signaling not only the arrival of Pyano but the settling in as well. After people listen to this project it’ll be clear that we really do this shit for real!

You released 3 singles in 2021, and now 1 in 2022, how do you choose which tracks to release as singles?

I release music based on the way it makes me feel. If I felt some type of way and I went in the studio and laid what I was feeling down, and then it brought back those emotions or memories every time I hear it, then it’s the one. But I always know which tracks I’m going to release and which I won’t. It’s like there’s an electric energy in the room while you’re making a good track and a lack thereof when it’s not.

What’s next for you in 2022?

2022 will be my stepping stone year. I want to drop this EP in the spring, then hopefully a summer one in July. Once I have my city and surrounding cities on my side, the possibilities are endless, I just gotta show everyone what I already see.

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