PREMIERE – Nicole Sumerlyn releases new single, “Hostage”

Vancouver, BC -based country artist Nicole Sumerlyn has teamed up with us, at Canadian Beats to unveil her new single, “Hostage”. The single will serve as her debut Canadian country radio release on March 7, 2022, and will be accompanied by a music video in the weeks ahead.

Nicole Sumerlyn says,

“This song is about being trapped by your own emotions and being afraid to show your deepest feelings in a relationship that’s out of balance. When you want more from someone that you ultimately can’t have, you’ll pretend it’s all okay, even as it tears you apart.”

Carrying the same brooding emotional intensity as Sumerlyn’s own past relationship that inspired the track, “Hostage” is an honest, metaphoric, and unapologetic ballad with bluesy vocals, dark lyrics, and a clean modern-pop sound – all of which make for an engrossing listening experience.

If you compare this track to her past releases, “Hostage” represents a softer, more emotional, and mature side of the artist that aligns well with her own personal growth since she first wrote the song in 2018.

She says,

“I’m just a girl who’s been through a few unstable relationships, and I’m telling my story through this song in the hopes that people will identify with the emotional core of ‘Hostage’ and find the same cathartic reflection, peace, and closure as I did in bringing it to life.”

Listen to “Hostage” below, and stay up to date with Nicole via her socials.

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