Interview – Jayme Lynne

Canadian country artist Jayme Lynne is bringing her signature sass to her new single “No Complaints”.

The Keswick, Ontario-native has been building her music career for the past decade and after graduating from the Music Business program at Durham College, she began to take more prominent steps to pursue her music full-time.

Lynne’s resume already boasts stage time with Canadian country acts James Barker Band and George Canyon and has even taken the stage at Nashville’s famous Bluebird Cafe. She’s learned from live music producer, Tom Jackson (Taylor Swift, The Band Perry) and received voice instruction from world-renowned voice coach, Brett Manning (Keith Urban, Hayley Williams).

In 2020, Lynne released her debut single “Sincerely, His Ex” and is hard at work making 2022 her best year yet. We caught up with the budding country star to learn more about her ambitions and her latest single.

You’ve learned from an impressive roster of industry professionals so far — what has it taught you about your own process and your ambitions for your career?

I have learned so much from so many people along the way! I have learned to strive for a healthy balance between my music career and personal life. There is always an endless amount of work to be done as an independent artist and I have found it really easy to slip into full-on hustle mode 24/7, which seems productive in the moment but is actually counterproductive and unsustainable. I started a career in music because I really love to write, sing and perform! Even though it’s a super tough industry to break into, it’s important to enjoy the journey, have fun, stay true to yourself, and celebrate all the wins (big and small) along the way. Also dream big, because the sky’s the limit!

What’s your dream duet scenario? Who would you love to share the stage with?

My dream duet scenario would be to write and perform a song with Taylor Swift! She’s had the biggest influence on me as an artist – it would be a real dream come true to even meet her, let alone share the stage with her!

When you think about the women in country music that inspire you, what do you draw from the most?

The women I look up to in country music are all remarkable in their own way – they are truly unrepeatable. I’m so inspired by these talented ladies and their strength, originality, creativity, and fearlessness. Maren Morris, Dolly Parton, and Shania Twain (to name just a few) have paved the way for female country artists like me to chase their dreams.

Tell us about your new single, ‘No Complaints’. How did it come together?

“No Complaints” is like an anthem for the daydreamers out there. It’s about everything going your way, and it’s about all the scenarios I’d have ‘No Complaints’ about, such as going on a tropical beach vacation. This track is my favourite thing I’ve ever done! I feel like it’s a true extension of who I am – it’s silly, light-hearted and fun! I wrote the bridge in high school about a girl that was very mean to me all the time. It was a cheeky way for me to rise above this bully, but also retaliate a little bit. A few years later, I brought it to a co-write with Al Rowe and Mark Rynkun, and the three of us made it into the silly and high-spirited song it is now!

What does 2022 look like for Jayme Lynne? Can we expect any more singles or maybe an EP in the future?

I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2022! I’ll be putting out a couple more singles, as well as my debut EP near the end of the year.

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