Interview – Jade and Marina Eagleson

Jade Eagleson may soon be known as the most-romantic country music artist there is with the release of his latest single “She Don’t Know”

For a second year in a row, PLATINUM-selling artist Jade Eagleson has pulled out all the stops for couples around the world to celebrate their love for one another during the “season of love” with the release of his new single “She Don’t Know.”

Eagleson and his wife Marina, to whom this single is about, have a very touching love story. These two met on the set of Eagleson’s music video “Got Your Name On It.” The video was shot at his family farm where he grew up just outside of Toronto and since that day, these love birds have been together building a life together and welcoming their son into this world just a few years ago.

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“She Don’t Know” is a track about his love story with wife Marina and it also delivers the gift every romantically challenged person wanted to give their partner this Valentine’s Day.

We, at Canadian Beats, would like to congratulate Jade Eagleson on the release of his new single “She Don’t Know” and on letting the world know how much Marina means to him.

Now, on to the interview I had with Jade Eagleson and his wife Marina, via email. This was a great opportunity for me, through Canadian Beats to chat with him and the love of his life Marina and about his new single. Check out our questions and his answers. You will enjoy what you read.

These questions are both Jade and Marina …

You met on the set of Jade’s video for “Got Your Name On It.” Did the sparks of love ignite right then and there or was a gradual build up to the love of my life kind of love?

We fell in love very quickly, but not on the set! After becoming friends at the shoot, we made plans a few weeks later and had our first date.

When did you know that you would each other’s forever love?

Jade: It was the first kiss for me. That moment was very special for me and I knew she was a very special person.

Marina: When he flew to my family home in Malta to surprise me for my birthday.

These are for Marina …

When you heard “She Don’t Know,” what went through your heart and mind?

For me, it was a surprise addition to his album. I was actually expecting a different love song to be in its place! I love how simple and beautiful the words are and how they reflect Jade’s love language.

This is Jade’s second year in a row for releasing a love song just prior to Valentine’s Day and again making one of his songs the perfect soundtrack for an intimate Valentine’s Day evening with that special someone. Is Jade a true romantic at heart? And, what gift can you possibly give him after hearing this love song?

The man can definitely sing a love song! He is a romantic person, he used to say “this is my sweetheart, Marina” when introducing me to people. And the gift that will make him the happiest is a new pair of work socks!

These are for Jade …

Can you tell us how this song came about and what it means to you and your love for Marina?

I can relate to this song on a very human level. At times, I have a hard time expressing my emotions and this song captures how I feel.

Who wrote and produced “She Don’t Know”?

“She Don’t Know” was written by Travis Wood, James Barker and Jonathan Singleton. It was produced Travis Wood and Todd Clark.

Let’s end this quick Q & A with one for both Marina and Jade …

What does 2022 look like for both of you, professionally and personally?

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to move to Nashville this year. We’re looking forward to exploring this new chapter of our lives by building friendships and working hard.

Download or stream “She Don’t Know” HERE.

We, at Canadian Beats thank you, Jade and Marina, so much for taking the time for this interview and helping your fans get to know a bit more about your love for each other. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

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