Huguette Lavigne releases new single, “I’ll Make You Happy”

Ottawa, ON-based pianist and composer Huguette Lavigne is back with her latest contemporary instrumental single, “I’ll Make You Happy”.

Lavigne’s joyous piece, with its ascending and descending progressions, excitement building crescendos, and a touch of nostalgia, takes you on a very similar ride to the one your heart takes when falling in love.

“A blush radiating from the core. A twinkle in the eye and your heart tells you what to do,” describes the Ottawa-based piano innovator. “When there is no need to say anything. When anything can happen.

“So, you see? Flirting can open the door to a nice conversation.”

Lavigne’s relationship with her music is a very fruitful, ongoing flirtation. Her method of composing the over 40 piano works she’s written to date is a beautiful manifestation of the urge to sit down at the keys, let go and let the muse take her wherever it pleases. That’s certainly true of “I’ll Make You Happy.”

“I was most likely at the piano improvising something that ended up creating this piece,” says Lavigne. “It was destined to be uplifting and joyous, with its many ascending happy phrases, the main drivers of the piece.

“As I was creating this piece, my musical soul was probably searching for an expression of joy, love, and romance!”

“I’ll Make You Happy” is the second composition Lavigne has released as a single from her third album, 2019’s Free and Easy.

Check out the video for “I’ll Make You Happy” below, and stay up to date with Huguette Lavigne via her socials.

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