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Toronto, ON-based dream-pop/ indie-rock duo, Soft Set are back with their new single, “More More More”, along with a video to accompany the release.

“More More More” is the first single from Soft Set’s new album Still Life set for release this summer, which is mixed by Shae Brossard. The bright, melancholic track features Mark Crozer (The Jesus and Mary Chain) on bass and was mastered by Simon Scott (Slowdive) at SPS Mastering studio in the UK.

“‘More More More’ is about loneliness and how people generally cope and sometimes never find happiness,” says vocalist Nathan Athay. “Most of the time, life doesn’t have Hollywood endings and you should cherish what you have and not waste precious time looking for things you don’t.”

Watch the video for “More More More” below, and find out more about Soft Set via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

James Gray and Nathan Athay. Old Friends – Soft Set

You have just released your new single, “More More More”, what can you tell us about the creative process behind this release?

Songs come from different places, and we bring the pieces we each are interested in into the studio. Sometimes it takes a lot of work and mulling and sometimes songs almost arrive on their own. There is always collaboration and review. And drinks.

You’ve also unveiled a video to accompany the single, what was your favourite part of the video creation?

The video shoot was a lovely post lockdown day. In a friend’s bar/business, in a part of town we love. More of a great hangout while the production team did amazing things.

You are set to release your debut full-length, Still Life this summer, any secrets you can tell us about the release?

No secrets but some new collabs we’re excited to share around the same time as our release!

We recorded (still recording) the album at e5 Studios downtown Toronto, which we’ve been for over 15 years! It’s literally our home away from home and feel so incredibly comfortable there which has really helped with the songwriting and recording aspects. We never feel rushed which is sometimes not the case for other artists and we’re very grateful for that.

Like our single, More More More, the rest of the album will be mixed by Shae Brossard in Montreal and mastered by Simon Scott in Cambridge UK! We’re very excited about the upcoming release and can’t wait to share it with you all!

What’s next for you?

Surviving the winter!

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