Lindsay Kay releases new single, “Through the Phone”

Canadian singer-songwriter Lindsay Kay has unveiled her new single, “Through the Phone”.

Inspired by the isolation and yearning for connection that many felt through the pandemic, Lindsay shares:

“Through the Phone” began as a sexy, empowered, sensual song frankly about having phone sex with somebody I loved during the most isolated days of the pandemic. I set out to write something unapologetically celebratorary of my sexuality, which I think the song does. But through the process of writing it, the song evolved into something deeper and more vulnerable. “Through the Phone” became quite romantic in fact, and in the end, it is about missing someone deeply; about seeking intimacy and feeling a connection so strong that it is tangible, even from a great distance, even through the phone.”

Kay will unveil a stunning Parisian filmed music video to follow this release in March, so stay tuned for that.

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