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Albertan emerging country artists Flaysher just dropped their energetic new single “Wild One” via all streaming services

Based on the last name of two ‘born and raised’ brothers from Airdrie, Alberta, Brad and Ryan are known in the country music community as Flaysher. They are a CMAB Award-nominated country duo with grit in their vocals and unvarnished truths in their lyrics that are inspired by artists such as Bob Seger and Dallas Smith. Since their debut country release in 2020, the brothers have garnered support from SiriusXM and CBC Country and were named the “Most Active Indie” artist (all genres) at Yangaroo/DMDS for the week of July 16, 2021.

We, at Canadian Beats, would like to congratulate Flaysher on the February 11 release of their new single “Wild One.” They had this to say about their latest single,
“We love how relatable the song is. At some point, we’ve all been the wild one or the one trying to keep up. It’s a feel-good song with an undeniable energy and we had a lot of fun recording it.”

I had the opportunity, through Canadian Beats, to chat with brothers Brad and Ryan via email about their single and a great thing happening in their life right now. Check out our questions and their answers. You will enjoy what you read.

Let’s chat a bit about your latest release “Wild One.” What a great and upbeat tune. It’s got so much energy to it that you just want to dance and sing along. You had me hooked right from the start.

“Wild One” was written by Nashville heavy hitters (and Canadians) Tebey, Emma-Lee, and Karen Kosowski and produced by Dan Swinimer. What was like for you to collaborate with these country music greats?

We were honoured! We’re just a couple of small-town boys at heart with some big goals and visions. Watching these things come together makes us feel unbelievably grateful. The vibe in Dan’s studio was just a passionate pursuit to bring the song to life. The collaboration was exhilarating!

Can you tell us how this song came about and what it means to you?

When this song was pitched to us, we immediately felt a connection to it. Just about everyone has been the Wild One and/or the one trying to catch the attention of a Wild One. We’ve been on both sides and we just love the playfulness of the tune.

Were you able to record this single in a studio or did it have to be done remotely?

We were in the studio for this one. We are very driven by in-person collaboration so when we get the chance, we always choose to work face to face. We feel this approach helps us truly serve the song.

Tell us what do you hope listeners will take away from this single?

Hopefully, they want to come see a show! We pride ourselves on high-energy live shows and this song really matches that energy. We love playing it live!

Stream or download “Wild One” HERE.

Now, on to something special that is happening in your life right now …

You are currently competing as finalists in the Alberta Music Project WILD program. Project WILD is designed to launch the careers of Alberta’s top up and coming country artists, with the finalist showcase happening on Saturday, February 26, and the winner announcement taking place in March. You have a shot at $100,000 to invest in your career.

Tell us everything you can think of about being nominated for this. The excitement you felt when you first heard the news. How this will help with your career? Anything and everything …

We appreciate this question a lot, thanks for bringing this up! When we learned we were in the Top 12 we can remember going to the website and seeing our faces amongst the other seasoned Albertan acts. We were overwhelmed with pride for the whole group. We are honestly inspired by each and every single one and are humbled to stand alongside them.

The program itself has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We’ve always nurtured a growth mindset but over the last few months, it’s been taken to a whole new level. We are so proud of what we have accomplished together as brothers but we’re still eager for what’s ahead in this journey. We can’t help but feel our fullest potential is a great distance ahead of us, which excites us as we are already quite proud of where we stand.

And last but not least, if you can have one thing that your fans could remember about you, what would it be?

We’d appreciate being remembered for our persistence, passion, and gratitude. Our music is who we are and we’re always trying to grow and refine ourselves and our sound. We’re super thankful for everyone who has been part of our journey!

We, at Canadian Beats, thank you Brad and Ryan so much for taking the time for this interview. We wish you much success with your all the great stuff that is coming your way.

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