PREMIERE – Cikada releases new single, “Tall Grass”

Originally from Malmö, Sweden, Montreal, QC-based artist/ producer, Malte Leander a.k.a Cikada has teamed up with us, at Canadian Beats, to unveil his new single, “Tall Grass”. The track is about feeling completely lost and overwhelmed, using the metaphor of being unable to see over the tall grass, essentially blocking one’s future path. It’s a relatable notion that everyone is going through right now.

“Sort of like getting lost in the big woods and not being able to find your way out, or remaining under the surface and fighting back from being pulled down to the depths of water,” Cikada says.

Musically, the track starts with an enormous bass synth line and chiming melody as Cikada mixes in his soft, hypnotic voice. Helming the production, mix, and lyrics, Cikada is adept at knowing when to hold back and amp up the musical intensity.

The track is the last release before Cikada’s debut English album Taking Shapes in March.

“Being the very last thing that you hear before you go to sleep, and often the very first thing that you hear when you wake up—I thought that this is the way that I want my music to be listened to,” he says. “It is also about vulnerability. The cicada is perhaps a loud insect, but still, a small and vulnerable one, which is something that I believe is a strength to be able to show.”

Check out the lyric video for “Tall Grass” below, and stay up to date with Cikada via his socials.

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