Five Questions With Courtney Wolfe

Kitchener, ON-based singer-songwriter, Courtney Wolfe has unveiled her new single, “She”. The single is in honour and recognition of her true self as a bisexual woman.

 “I’ve been afraid to share who I am in the past, and am so grateful to release the happiest song I have ever written,” she exclaims.

“She” is about the beginning stages of a new relationship where every dynamic feels new and exciting, and is meant to serve as a comfortable space for whoever is listening, and a feel-good tune that cheers people up. Delivering a stronger indie-pop vibe than her previous releases, the song is filled with acoustic and electric guitar and keyboard. She was recorded at Wonlife Music Group located in Brampton, Ontario, where the song was produced, mixed, and mastered by Sydney Johnson.

Listen to “She” below, and find out more about Courtney via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Courtney Wolfe, a singer/songwriter from Kitchener, Ontario. I have been singing my whole life, but my passion for creating music began when I was around thirteen, and wrote my first song. I fell in love with lyricism, always dissecting what an artist was writing, and was at peace knowing that one song can mean something different to every listener. I wrote every day, multiple times a day, entering songwriting competitions and playing at small cafes. In 2019 I released my first single, Missing Out.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

‘She’ is the happiest song I have ever written, and while slightly nervous, I am filled with gratitude and excitement to be releasing it. I wrote the song when I was in the beginning stages of a relationship, where everything feels new and exciting and there are butterflies in your stomach. While ‘She’ is the happiest I have ever written it is also the most vulnerable, as I wrote it about a woman, and as a bisexual woman I have not been open about my sexuality in the past. I would like to think of this song as a coming out tribute for myself, and am so grateful I am able to do that through music. I hope each and every listener is able to feel a sense of calm and happiness through ‘She’.

When it comes to the global pandemic, how are you keeping yourself out in the public eye while not being able to perform?

It definitely feels like a struggle to keep myself in the public eye at times. There are ups and downs, and days when I wonder if putting so much into my music is worth it, but I truly believe that following my passion in music and giving it my all is never a waste of time. I am so grateful that I have been able to continue to release music throughout the pandemic. Music is universal, so it gives me peace knowing that anyone could be taking something positive from my songs. With that being said, I am also so grateful for local spots that have options for musicians. I am very hopeful that performing will become the way it used to be soon.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so if you were able to work with ONE fellow Canadian artist, alive or dead, who would you choose?

Alanis Morissette has been an inspiration to me since I was a kid, and my parents would blast her music in the car. Her voice is so unique and her lyrics have always blown me away. I used to watch her perform through my TV screen and could always feel her passion. When she featured in a Halsey song, titled, ‘Alanis’ Interlude’, I was jumping for joy because they wrote that song about another woman. Being able to work with her would be an absolute dream.

What’s your goal for 2022?

My goal for 2022 is to simply write and release more vulnerable music and showcase the newer sound I have been working on. My past releases have been very pop, and I am so excited to show my more indie and acoustic style, while also writing lyrics that are a little more personal. As an artist it can be scary to release vulnerable songs, but it is always so worth it.

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