Georgia Harmer releases new single, “Austin”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Georgia Harmer, Arts & Crafts newest signee, unveils a standout new single, “Austin”. With wisdom and poise that belies her youthful age, Harmer pens songs that articulate the ways in which even the most fleeting experiences can forge incredible bonds. This was first presented in “Headrush”, a track that encapsulated the melancholy of late summer spent with friends. Today’s dusty, grungy “Austin” recalls a day on tour with Alessia Cara in Texas, when a homesick Harmer felt particularly connected to her father and his own experiences as a touring musician. The scorching lead guitar from Harmer’s father, Gord Tough (Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer), amplifies her expressive voice.

“Back in 2018, when I was on the road with Alessia Cara, we went to Austin, Texas, and my dad recommended we go to this barbecue spot he had been to when he was touring there,” elaborates Harmer. “We had a day or two off to explore, so we went. I thought of my dad while I was there, and often when I was on the road, because he’s also a touring musician – we’re very similar and we’re very close. I wrote this song to articulate the significance and importance of our relationship, how much I love and admire him, and our many parallels.”

Harmer has been making music practically since birth. She hails from an artistic family, including her aunt and labelmate Sarah Harmer (Georgia’s parents, both professional musicians, met while playing in Sarah’s band). Harmer started recording her own songs at 10 and, while still a teenager, hit the road as a backing vocalist for Alessia Cara, touring for months on end. Her striking voice is a cross-hatching of Joni Mitchell’s birdsong, the emotional vulnerability of Adrianne Lenker and the seductive tones of Hope Sandoval.

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