Nikkie Gallant releases new single, “Lights”

Prince Edward Island-based songwriter, Nikkie Gallant has unveiled her new single, “Lights” from her new album, Subtle Motions. Both the single and larger album play on the theme of solitude vs connection.

“The song ‘Lights’ came about at a time when so many people in my life were quite sick, and I was feeling the heaviness of mortality,” said Nikkie Gallant. “There are some things in life that people can’t really walk beside you for, but hopefully the connections you’ve made are strong enough that you can feel their love and support, even without them by your side.”

Upon returning home to PEI, Gallant kept to her challenge, writing a staggering number of songs, before enlisting producer Nathan Wiley. They narrowed the focus to a five-song EP. Subtle Motions then grew to include an additional song written by Wiley, and another by Alyson MacLeod, written for Halifax band, Jale.

“Like many songwriters, I enjoy exploring different emotions through writing,” Gallant said. “My songs often start off as a collection of captured idea fragments. The fragments mingle with the lived experiences and feelings I’ll let myself sink into, and then the whole mixture becomes a song.”

Check out “Lights” below, and stay up to date with Nikkie via her socials.

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