PREMIERE – Avem releases new EP, Sing Every Day

Southern Ontario-based bird nerd punk band, Avem is made up of Bryson Emmons (drums), Maury Core (guitar), and Julian Warmland (bass/vocals). The trio has teamed up with us to unveil their new EP, Sing Every Day, which features 4 tracks, “Blue Jay”, “Martian Wren”, “Rotten Egg”, and “Sing Every Day”.

The band writes songs about birds, as well as human experiences as told through the perspective of birds.

When recording Three Birds Stoned, Avem decided to redo the lead vocals (and add some juicy harmonies) for their first EP, Sing Every Day.  Songs describing birds, a probe-hungry Martian, and how you should Sing Every Day await you in these 4 songs.

Avem wants you to remember that just because you came from a rotten egg, doesn’t mean you have to be a shitty bird.

Check out the four new tracks below, and stay up to date with Avem via their socials.

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