PREMIERE – JIMBO releases new single, “Dropping Like Flies”

Kingston, Ontario-based art-rock band, JIMBO has teamed up with us, at Canadian Beats, to unveil their newest sludge rock single, “Dropping Like Flies”.

Beginning with a quick swarm of flies, a bellowing bass riff, indecipherable radio static, and trebly guitar hooks, “Dropping Like Flies,” explodes in a hard rock crescendo as the almost tangible lead guitar riff grows and grows. The drumming keeps the intensity as the lead vocalist—who sounds like a younger Chris Cornell—croons about the state of today’s bright minds.

“Our current system is draining the bright minds of the future and something needs to be done,” says JIMBO.

The outro of the track cranks the tension as what sounds like it’s paving the way for a raucous guitar solo, morphs into a trippy, half-time, discordant freakout.

The band’s influences range from shoegaze, grunge rock, and progressive metal, and the outro to this track perfectly conveys this.

Check out the single below, and stay up to date with JIMBO via their socials.

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