Katie Tupper releases new single, “Danny”

Hailing from Saskatoon, singer/songwriter Katie Tupper blends Neo-soul and indie seamlessly into a tantalizing concoction.

Her previous single, “How Can I Get Your Love?” leaned more into the serene side of her sound, whereas her latest offering, “Danny”, slides gracefully in another direction. Taken from her debut EP, Towards the End, “Danny” captures everything that makes Tupper an essential, exciting new voice.

With swelling strings and twinkling keys exquisitely backing up an instantly catchy, syrupy drumline, Tupper’s voice soars over the track, telling a story of heartbreak and resentment, digging into that feeling of having so little left to lose that there’s hardly anything worth salvaging. The lyrics feel akin to an exhalation for any of us that have limped out of a relationship that simply didn’t work, wounded and uncertain: ‘Your family never liked me, and I never liked them / And, it scares me to say that out loud / But what’s the worst some words can do to me now,’ and other moments have a stark, forthright beauty to them. It’s deeply relatable and bracing all at once. It recalls all the uncomfortable moments of a love faded we try so hard to leave behind, yet never seem able to forget.

Speaking on both the track and its video, Tupper shares,

“‘Danny’ is about the biggest breakup I’ve, thankfully, ever had to go through. I was with a guy for a handful of years, most of which I was just hoping that something would happen that would give me an excuse to break up with him. Turns out, when you’re in a long term relationship and looking for a way out the entire time you build bad habits for all relationships to follow! Who would’ve thought! Danny is a reflection on that relationship, and asking how I’m supposed to move forward in my life with these poor habits stamped into my brain. The music video brought that idea to life in a colourful expedition for closure.”

The video for “Danny” was directed by Mashie Alam, and is a steady stream of contrasting images, finding Tupper traversing and relaxing through a series of idyllic locations, donning a flowery dress: it’s imagery right out of a fantasy. Tagging along, however, is the titular Danny, represented here by a lifeless mannequin: literally dead weight that she’s left to lug around, the perfect representation of her view on their crumbled relationship, when staying together has become merely a habit. As with everything Tupper does, it’s contemplative but not without a bit of a bite.

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with Katie via her socials.

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