Zach’s Picks of the Week – January 10, 2022 to January 15, 2022

What’s going on music fans and readers alike, welcome back to our favourite segment of the week,  Zach’s Picks of the Week, here on Canadian Beats, where we will be giving you a list of recommended articles that came out this week. Well, it looks like we had lots of new music that got released that “We” can now listen to. But there are only five picks of the week, so I encourage you to look at all of the other amazing articles posted on this website. You’ll be able to find the links to all of my picks of the week just below these write-ups. I would also like to ask that you take the time if you enjoy these artists to go and follow them online. Especially if they might be your new favourite artist, you’ll want to know what’s coming up next. But right now let us start things off right this week, with my list of Zacks picks of the week here on Canadian Beats.

5. To start things off we have got to introduce, Toronto, ON-based band Mad Ones. They just released their fourth full-length album titled, Last Forever via Fortune Stellar Records. Sadly, this album also stands as a tribute for the late drummer Adam Balsam, who was also a member of The Wilderness Of Manitoba and Most Serene Republic, but Balsam passed away on Oct. 27, 2021. Mad Ones has shared a new video for their latest single off the album, “Breakdown” which you can find out more in the article HERE, so please be sure to go learn some more about this tributed album.

4. Next up to the bat, will be Canadian progressive rock quartet The Garrett Band who just unveiled their new single, “One More Day”, which can be found on all streaming sites now. This also marks their second single to be released from the band’s fourth studio recording, Sound Evolution. This new single is about dealing with feelings of depression, self-doubt, isolation, and the realization that healing needs to happen so life can be lived in a meaningful way”. Go check out their brand new single “One More Day” HERE.

3. Marking it in at number three on my picks of the week, Ontario-based singer-songwriter, Matthew Ryan Jacobs has recently released his newest single. It’s a folky, indie rock gem entitled “The River” which is available to stream now on all sites so go check it out. This new single of Jacobs was once again recorded with his producer Ben Kempel, who works out of an old church from the 1800s that he converted into his own home studio. I imagine the Acoustics must sound amazing in there, but if you like to learn more about his brand new single “The River”, click HERE.

2. Coming up next we introduce Nomad indie-folk rocker Tennyson King, who unveiled a video for his latest single, “It Ain’t Easy”. Which is coming off his upcoming album, Good Company,  set for release on January 21. This catchy, rhythmic, and synth-chorus upbeat new track sounds light in nature but was written from an emotionally difficult tough time Tennyson had experienced. Go and learn more about the brand new single “It Ain’t Easy” HERE.

1. My final pick of the week is the Ontario-based indie-rock duo, Softcult. The duo consists of twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn. The sisters have unveiled their newest single, “Gaslight” which you can now stream on all platforms. Their fifth single off of their forthcoming EP, Year of the Snake is also accompanied by a brand new video. This new EP is set for release on February 4, 2022. This will mark their second release after last year’s, Year of the Rat. Please be sure to check out the link to the article for the new release of “Gaslight” HERE.

Those are going to be all of Zacks Picks of the Week, so be sure to visit the links to those articles and learn more about some amazing artists. However, there is lots more new music and articles that have been posted to the website, thanks to our amazing and hard-working authors. Please go show them some love and learn more about all of the great artists that come from our beautiful country. I hope you all enjoyed these recommendations this week, we will of course be back next Monday so be sure to tune in! This has been another segment of “Zach’s Picks of the Week” and as always everyone, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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