Zach’s Picks of the Week – January 3, 2022 to January 8, 2022

Well, it’s 2022 and it looks like we’ve still got some brand-new music to share with you this week. Welcome everybody to Zach’s Picks of the Week, where I will give you a list of some of our recent articles featured on our website to check out. They have all been hand-chosen by yours truly and yes, I definitely used sanitizer so don’t worry. Our website features some of the best in Canadian music, old and new. I will give you a brief statement about the new featured artists in the article and then I will have a link for you to go visit. Also, these articles could not be possible if it weren’t for all of our dedicated and hard-working authors here on Canadian Beats. So please if you can take these new songs into consideration when you are listening to music this week, it would make me very happy and we want to start off this year with a good one.

5. O December 9th, we saw the newest single from the highly acclaimed singer-songwriter Bryan Adams. It’s coming off of his upcoming studio album So Happy It Hurts, keep your eyes open for that in the near future. But Mr. Adams’ new single, “Kick Ass” starts off with an introduction provided by the great John Cleese, he gives an insight into what the song “Kick Ass” is about. Check it out HERE.

4. Next up here on Zach’s Picks, Sam Weber has released yet another new track from his upcoming LP, Get Free, which is due out February 4 via Sonic Unyon, so keep your eyes out for that next month. This new single “Already Know” can be found now on all streaming platforms. Sam Weber has already logged more miles as a gigging musician than most of his peers will in a lifetime, He just wrapped a run of successful tour dates supporting Bahamas. Be sure to head over to check out the full article HERE.

3. Vancouver, BC-based artist, Chance Lovett has unveiled her debut solo single, “7 Years”. It is available now on all streaming sites so go check it out. This new single was inspired by the murder of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer in 2014. However, Chance couldn’t find the words to complete this song until the murder of George Floyd in 2020. After watching the horrific news, she finished the song immediately. Be sure to learn more about Chance’s incredible debut single in the new Five Questions With segment HERE.

2. Coming up next we have award-winning Canadian Psychedelic-Jazz group Apollo Suns. They have just released their third EP A Relationship of Force on November 26. This new album was largely written while the band was touring Western Canada. Born from watching the powerful force of a waterfall while hiking in British Columbia. The group decided to call their new project A Relationship of Force, citing that “you impact the world around you with your space, and that all relationships have a force”. Check it out HERE.

1. Finally, for my last recommendation of the week. With the change in seasons, as autumn is eclipsed by winter, something wicked this way comes. Introducing the new project, FALL IN AUTUMN, which pervades your senses as autumn ends and dark nights overtake us. Their new single “This Dark Night” is available on all streaming platforms so be sure to go and add it to your favourite playlist today. “This Dark Night” follows the singles “Luna”/“Years Lost”, which launched to an unsuspecting world on Halloween 2020. You can now go and check out the article which we had for the new single “This Dark Night” HERE.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my recommendations for the week. You can find even more like these on the homepage of our website, where we post new music all the time. However, I will be back this next Music Monday to give you, yup you guessed it, More Mew Music! I hope you all have yourself an amazing week out there and hope you’re staying warm. Pretty dang cold over here today, but please check out all the music and the picks of the week and featured here on our website. So as always everyone, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!

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