Jully Black to return to her musical roots with brand new single, “No Relation”

True Canadian icon, and long-time advocate of female empowerment through her music, spirit, and activism, Jully Black proudly announces the release of her upcoming single and forthcoming album (via Jully Black Entertainment Inc. and Flying Colours Music Inc.), beginning with the infectious and long-awaited new single “No Relation” available everywhere on January 21, 2022. Considered Canada’s Queen of R&B and Soul, Jully writes powerful lyrics, amplified by her powerhouse vocals, hilarious personality, and active philanthropic work.

“’No Relation’ is a sexy, sultry, enough is enough banger!” states Jully. “An anthem and soundtrack for the ultimate confidence. It’s relatable; an ode to finding and keeping your value as a person and in a climate where people feel they have a right to know all of your business ‘No Relation’ opens with a bold opening line ‘Stay out of my business’.”

Inducted and celebrated as one of 2021’s honourees into Canada’s Walk of Fame on December 17, 2021, Jully is truly everyone, and unlike anyone. Throughout her career she has yielded multiple singles, achieving Top 10 status on the pop, R&B, and dance music charts. Earning innumerable industry accolades and awards, Jully’s impactful lyrics coupled with her action as a philanthropist has reached and impacted many beyond the borders of Canada.

“Being nominated for this prestigious award is proof positive that even when you feel invisible the intention and the purpose behind your work will take you into rooms you may physically never see,’ shares Jully. “I made a conscious decision to dedicate my life to service while waiting for the inspiration to make music again after the passing of my late Mother, Agatha Gordon, in 2017 and I believe that it’s not making that work about me that helped Canada’s Walk Of Fame recognize me with fresh eyes and see me for who I am more so than what I’ve done.”

“I know the energy behind my star will hold people up as they walk across it daily especially those who have been marginalized and disenfranchised and for that I am grateful. I am also so happy to share the common trait of humility with all my fellow inductees. The class of 2021 is a special class.”

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