Sam Weber releases new single, “Already Know”

Having just wrapped a run of successful tour dates supporting Bahamas, Sam Weber is ready to share another new track from his upcoming LP, Get Free, due out February 4, 2022, via Sonic Unyon. “Already Know” started as

“a very traditional song, kind of a waltz acoustic guitar thing that wasn’t really much of anything,” says Weber. “But, I liked the lyrics a lot and when I played it for co-producer Mallory Hauser, her instinct was to stretch it out into straight time with these free time sections. Once I figured out a new way to sing it, the song came together in a really beautiful way. It’s not a total Paul Simon diss-track, but the last verse does discuss the rumour of him stealing the idea for ‘The Myth of Fingerprints’ from Los Lobos.”

Sam Weber’s storied exodus from his homeland of Canada to find new footing and opportunity in America resonates like a classic story of pain, loss, and rebirth. That narrative thread is woven throughout his new record, Get Free, offering a warm, intimate, and multidimensional portrait of the 28-year-old singer-songwriter. With this new collection of material, Weber reaches fresh emotional depths, commanding more expressive personal moments than ever before — at times within the margins of a single verse.

Sam Weber has already logged more miles as a gigging musician than most of his peers will in a lifetime, earning enviable accolades along the way (he was featured in Guitar Player a decade ago, by some accounts the youngest artist ever to grace those pages). He first picked up the guitar at age 12 to form a rock ’n’ roll band with his father and brother in the living room of their family home.

01 Truth Or Lie
02 Already Know
03 Get Out Of The Game
04 Don’t Cry For Me
05 Survival
06 Nowhere Bound
07 Here’s To The Future
08 Money
09 Everyone
10 Streets Of LA

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