Hailey MacIsaac releases new single, “Lumber”

Multi-award-winning Canadian artist Hailey MacIsaac has released her new genre-blending alt-pop single, “Lumber”.

An immersive and ominous sonic sojourn from start to finish, the song walks the listener through a dark landscape of troubled thinking and coping with heartache.

With its title, “Lumber,” being hyperbolic for the weight we feel when we are ‘Going Through It’ with a capitalized and underlined ‘GTI,’ the Toronto-based singer/songwriter seeks to offload a bit through her emotionally lyrical swan dive into a song of trials and tribulations.

Without being overtly about a bad relationship, the overall theme of being wronged or scorned by a loved one is deeply embedded into the lyrics of Hailey MacIsaac’s newest single.

It’s imagery like this that describes a person who knows they need healing, but aren’t quite there yet in their grieving process — whatever the source of that grief may be. It’s this inauspicious message that carries a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ theme throughout – and we’re here for it.

Known for adventuring beyond the bounds of genre, Hailey MacIsaac’s music carries a unique pop ambience around it all while infusing elements of pop-punk, rock, rap, and alternative themes. Creating a dark, granular, and boisterous sound, MacIsaac uses mainstream techniques to craft her complex work in a way that is fresh to the independent pop scene.

And when it comes to her newest single, “Lumber,” there is no exception to this rule.

Check out “Lumber” below, and visit Hailey’s Instagram to find out more,

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