Meagan Aversa releases single, “Torso” from debut EP, Matchbox

Canadian alt-rock artist Meagan Aversa has unveiled her debut EP, Matchbox, as well as a brand new single, “Torso”.

As track #1 on the four-song breakthrough, “Torso” trickles out of the speakers with Aversa’s acapella leading the melody. Landing as a near-whisper, imploring the listener to sit up and pay attention, pulsing percussion fades in, followed by instrumentation fleshed out with gorgeous harmonies. ‘Pick myself up just to watch them walk away,’ Aversa muses on the lyrics.

Each song on Matchbox artfully bleeds on top of the other and offers a theme of exploration into the dark side of being alone, and the ultimate acceptance of being the only one capable of consoling your very self in the face of loneliness.

“While writing Matchbox, I was thinking a lot about codependency,” Aversa reveals. “I’ve always been fond of the sentiment ‘you are who you are when no one is watching,’ but I realized I didn’t really know who I was without someone there to remind me.”

Admittedly, “Torso” (and its sister track, “Blush”) spills the guts on breakups, but Aversa says “they’re more about the empty feeling that follows” than the relationships themselves.

“I find the stickiness of relationships really interesting…” the Toronto-based artist muses. “The way memories will weave their way into things without you even noticing, and linger long after you’ve lost touch with the person.

“I think spending time alone is really important, but it can be laced with self-doubt and general uncertainty,” she continues. “Sometimes it’s easier to lean on someone else for support, and kind of slowly absorb facets of them vs. really get to know yourself.

“Once I started to come to terms with these tendencies, the songs turned up.”

Check out “Torso” below, and stay up to date with Meagan via her socials.

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