Margaret Maria releases new album, Where Words Fail – Music Through Healing

Canadian composer Margaret Maria has unveiled her new album, Where Words Fail – Music Through Healing, as well as the new single, “Blessing of Awakening“.

As the release’s opening song, “Blessing of Awakening” gives sound to a languid awakening, followed by the mounting busyness of getting to whatever it is that calls for attention; slow and meandering at the start, like rolling over with the first light shining through the window, the pace picks up, driving and percussive — rounding up the kids, spilling your coffee, looking for your keys.

While that sound can be applied to everyday matters, for the Toronto-based composer, producer, and cellist, the awakening was very personal and very painful: the Covid-19 pandemic saw Margaret Maria experiencing health problems at the same time that her own sister fought for her very life after contracting a serious case of the coronavirus.

The acclaimed composer got through all of it by writing and playing music whenever she was able, pouring her emotions and struggles into her instrument.

“Feeling helpless limitation in my human form is a recurring theme throughout my life,” she shares. “This music is born of this helplessness in the hope that it can be helpful to others. That it can offer some healing, some understanding, some comfort, some strength when we feel weak or when words fail us.”

Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of loss or struggle, and the strange up-and-down journey of healing, will recognize each emotion in Where Words Fail – Music Through Healing.

Check out the album below, and connect with Margaret Maria via her socials.

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