Allegories release new single, “Pray”

It’s not every day that a long-dormant experimental noise project reappears as an elite electronic-pop outfit intent on burrowing into your subconscious and unearthing deep-seated memories of a time when we could congregate freely without worry.

In 2014, the duo known as Allegories began to experiment across genres, melding eclectic soundscapes with pop inclinations. Gathering further inspiration from DJing house and hip-hop nights around town, Allegories went on to create electronic music that shifts throughout the over/underground spectrum.

Case in point is the LCD-illuminated “Pray,” which reaches its strobe-lit fever pitch as the song’s most serious sentiment is delivered — can’t you see my heart is breaking in two!— in a bizarre, over-the-top, pitch-shifted exhortation. Every Allegories composition is created from moments of spontaneity and trying to stay true to the state that you’re in whenever you’re recording. A menagerie of feelings.

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