Zach’s Picks Of The Week – December 13 – 18

Hello music readers, I’m back with another list of awesome new music posted by our lovely website Canadian Beats. These are going to be “Zach’s Picks Of The Week”, my five recommended articles that I believe you will enjoy immensely. I have chosen them by hand with the most pinpoint accuracy in good music radar. Which is my way of saying, trust me I’m a professional. Be sure to look them up through the links posted below. And as always, as you know, we will also have some clips featured from my picks in this week’s video.

5. First up, it’s Windsor, ON-based psychedelic rock band, The Brandy Alexanders have unveiled their self-titled album, which you can find on all streaming platforms right now. Plus the brand new video for their new single, “Live By The Light“. Be sure to check that out in the new article HERE.

4. Well over this past (almost) two years, artists from all over have been faced with countless obstacles, including being forced to slow down. However, Toronto-based singer-songwriter POESY used this to her advantage, by continuing to create, including the new single “Steel Heart”. Please be sure to check out the article where we had a new interview with POESY, which was conducted by our very own Pamela Roz. Check it out HERE.

3. In the third spot this week we have acclaimed songwriter Jordan Klassen, who’s back with a brand new single called “Carried Away”. He has also just dropped a new lyric video to go along with the release of “Carried Away”. Check it out HERE.

2.  The runner-up this week in my picks the week, Toronto’s rising pop songstress, Amy Han a.k.a. whereisluna, has teamed up with us at Canadian Beats to unveil her new single, “cheaper”. It is now available on all streaming platforms and is a catchy romp that deals with mental health, physical vices, and driving full-throttle into red flags. Be sure to check out the article for this premiere HERE.

1. My final pick of the week is going to be with Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter Deanna Petcoff, who has unveiled her new single, “I Don’t Wanna Get Over You” along with a video to accompany the release. It was apparently written over Zoom with her friend during the second lockdown in Toronto where they just kept bouncing ideas off each other. Be sure to check out the full article for the release of this song HERE.

Those are going to be all my recommendations for you lovely people this week. Please be sure to visit the rest of our website for lots more and new content is posted all the time. Like I’m not joking when I say, there have been so many new songs and articles posted recently. So you always know there’s going to be some great new music to discover. However, that is my time for this week, so I hope you all enjoyed yourself. I hope you all have an amazing week out there and as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!!

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