Alex Goupil releases video for new single, “I Swear”

Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Goupil has unveiled a video for his new single, “I Swear”.

A non-traditional love song that navigates the emotional journey that’s faced when letting go of someone, the song provides a hopeful message embedded throughout, all while complementing the warmth of the Ottawa-based artist’s instrumentation.

With distinctive guitar work lending a tone to the musical composition that blends seamlessly with the lyrical aesthetic, Goupil not only explores the tribulations of relationships — but also the personal freedoms that come with taking a leap of faith.

Goupil’s musical prowess shines with maturity and softness that communicates the complexities of love with authenticity.

The same can be said about the careful considerations that guide Alex Goupil’s recording process… The creation and refinement of “I Swear” are due to the concerted effort of a small, but dedicated team that worked across time zones to realize Goupil’s unique interpretation of a love song, he reveals.

Check out the video for “I Swear” below, and be sure to stay up to date with Alex via his socials.

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