Jordan Klassen releases new track, “Carried Away”

Acclaimed songwriter Jordan Klassen is following up his recent single, “Milk And Honey”, with another new track, “Carried Away”.

In “Carried Away”, Jordan says he

“wanted to explore the many dynamics of what it looks like to jump into something with both feet. Sometimes it can look really bad. Dark paths of the mind leading to mental illness, toxic religiosity, isolation, distraction and addiction. But getting carried away with something can be really beautiful as well. Devoting oneself to a greater cause, falling in love, feasting. Maybe this is the heart of wisdom; knowing when to indulge and knowing when to abstain.”

In October, Jordan Klassen shared his first new single of 2021, “Milk And Honey”, a song about “feeling constrained, held up, waiting for something better to unfold,” he says. “And learning how to exist and even make the best of that space.”

Over his career, Jordan Klassen has toured worldwide, becoming widely known for his well-crafted arrangements and nuanced songwriting. His sixth full-length record is due out in early 2022.

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