Séan McCann releases new single, “10,000 Miles Away”

Although the global pandemic is not quite over, the end of 2021 certainly feels more like we’re all coming together again rather than drifting apart, doesn’t it? Canadian Celtic folk-rocker Séan McCann brings us a rollicking new song that celebrates the power of love’s connection even from “10,000 Miles Away”.

The second single landing from the Newfoundland born-and-bred troubadour’s critically acclaimed and isolation-inspired folk opus, SHANTYMAN, “10,000 Miles Away” could very well be the happiest song ever written and recorded about long-distance love. It’s irresistible to tap or clap along with the hand jive rhythm and join McCann on the rousing “Sing blow ye winds high-o” chorus.

Resistance is truly futile. However, within this shanty’s fun and frolic lies an age-old tale of love-triumphs-over-all that parallels stories of rising above hard times at any time, including today.

“This song may be set back in the age of sail and silent movies”, says McCann, “but its romantic tale of love conquering isolation strongly resonates with everyone living through these pandemic days.”

Speaking of sailing, McCann gives a proud nod to the maritime tradition by featuring archival footage of the world-famous, 100-year-old Nova Scotian racing schooner Bluenose in the video for “10,000 Miles Away”, now available to watch on YouTube. After all, when you’re singing a song about needing a boat to cross the ocean to get to your love, it should definitely be one of the best boats this country has ever known.

“I wanted to remind Canadians what it felt like to win again, and the mighty Bluenose is one of the biggest winners in our country’s history.”

When she wasn’t fishing for cod on the treacherous Grand Banks off Newfoundland, the Bluenose, under captain Angus Walters, was busy dominating international sailing races in the 1920s and ‘30s, eventually earning her spot on the Canadian dime. For McCann, this iconic Canadian sailing ship and its achievements are symbolic of our own strength and resilience.

“It’s a joyful reminder of how strong we really are in the face of adversity and a celebration of how far we have all come”

Check out “10,000 Miles Away” below, and stay up to date with Séan McCann via his socials.

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